Hatve Gear Industry Co. Ltd. with its headquarters located in Konya, Turkey is proud to manufacture the best quality Crown Wheel and Pinions, achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and supply widest selection of drivetrain components on the condition of advantageous Turkish Industry since 1975. Hatve Crown wheel and pinions are precision engineered to superior than original specification from high tensile steel billets for increased wear resistance and quality inspected to ISO9001-2008 standards. We have the ability to take a customer’s initial requirements, generate a concept and manage the process right through R&D, design, production and testing final delivery of a precision engineered, high performance, fully reliable, finished Crown Wheel and Pinions. The main policy of our company is to rely more on the quality of the products, rather than the quantity. It is the target of our company policy to assure with a wide spread company quality and customer orientation pertaining all company processes, that our customers receive on time top quality, reliable and reasonably priced products as well as to guarantee a consequent orientation to the requirements of our customers in all areas of our company. The main domestic customers of our company is Fiat-Tofaş A.Ş. and New Holland-Türk Traktör A.Ş. We export the goods directly and indirectly via our distributors.The factory exports the goods to; Mexico,Brazil,Colombia,Iran,Iraq,Egypt,Suria,Malaysia,Singapore,Kirghizistan,BAE,UAE,Morocco,Yemen,Palestine. We are able to manufacture all kind of crown wheel pinion gears and others. We can produce all kind crown wheel pinion gears between 50 mm to 800 diameters. We are using conventional and CNC gear cutting machines and gear generators on our production. Our all crown wheel pinion gears have been paired on working conditions which supplied by the noise testing equipments. The forging of the gears, heat treatment and other process has been made on our own plants. On the production we are using NC and CNC gear cutting machinery, gear generators, gear shavers and gear hobbing machines. We are on your serve on the production of all kind helical, worm, internal worm, spur, bevel and hypoid gears. We produce our goods from forged materials to enhance the hardness and durability. After the forging process, we work the forged materials first in CNC machinery, then they're cut and tested in GLEASON machinery. After the high quality gassy system heat treatment, the gears get coupled in GLEASON machinery with special lapping paste. After the quality control processes they're carefully packaged and stocked. Our firm focuses facility investments in the area of spiral-hypoid and straight bevel gear production machines and we're proud of our quality in the crown wheel and pinion gears, also spider kits we make. We use the GLEASON system in the production of differential crown wheel and pinion gears and we adhere to the AGMA standarts. Our firm principles are; • Producing the best quality products with the most suitable prices in line with legal and technical regulations and legislations about our products and our customers' satisfaction, • Improving our workers with the principle: "Our workers are our primary resource“, • Cooperating with the suppliers about quality, who are a primary part of our production system, • Investing in technology in research that may affect our the quality of our firm's products, • Applying reforms for the satisfaction of our customers, workers and partners in union of all people involved in our production. Our firms mission; thereby production to offer top quality, best competitive price and at the earlist for our customers.

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